YMCA offers a wide range of activities for quality leisure time of children, young people and all other young people in spirit. Each YMCA’s collective member has a specific program through which to fulfil the YMCA’s mission.

Individual YMCA associations throughout the Czech Republic offer mainly the following activities: 

    • Mother Centers
    • Open access youth clubs
    • Summer camps
    • Sports, music, hobby and art clubs
    • Ten Sing (musical and social program)
    • Lectures and educational seminars
    • Family programs
    • Meeting of YMCA’s seniors
    • Scout troops
    • Club activities
    • Single and multi-day events
    • The magazine Protein
    • International programs


YMCA in the Czech Republic currently operates 4 own camp bases:

Masaryk camp YMCA in Sázava near Soběšín

Beautiful camp about 60 km from Prague. The camp is divided into three separate camps with a capacity of 98, 58 and 50 beds. Camp Soběšín is managed by YMCA’s Palace.

Camp base Vlčice

In the beautiful countryside of South Bohemia, on the bank of Staňkovský’s pond. Accommodation capacity of 59 persons. Operated by YMCA Jindřichův Hradec.

Veverská Bítýška camp base

The camp lies on the banks of the river Svratka. It’s best to use in the summer months. Its capacity is approximately 40 people. Operated by YMCA Brno.

Camp base Pastviny

In the beautiful surroundings of the Eagle Mountains near the Pastviny dam, you will find a campsite for about 30 people. Operated by YMCA Letohrad.


Do you know...?

Do you know...?

Basketball was devised in 1891 by Canadian James Naismith of the YMCA Sports School in Springfield, Massachusetts.